Applications for solder spheres

Applications for Solder spheres

A solder sphere is a ball of solder that ensures the bond between the chip package and the printed circuit board.

CAPLINQ takes pride in offering one of the highest quality solder spheres at some of the market’s best rates.

We not only offer a wide range of tin and lead and lead-free solder spheres but provide you with the widest range of solder balls with diameter from 60 microns to 890 microns. The two types of sphere provided by us are Lead-Free Spheres and Tin Spheres.

After many years of testing, the semiconductor industry has decided to settle for SAC alloys for the lead-free products. So, not only our spheres are high-tech, but they are made from unique spraying technology that gives exceptional productivity.

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  • Solder spheres, both tin and lead-free are mostly used in the semiconductor materials industry.
  • The pure tin sphere is also used for several applications, and the most important of all is the electroplating. These spheres consist of 99.9928% of tin that makes them a proven choice for coating of leads. Moreover, they can also be used for terminals as it enables the drop for the devices that use the lead alloy plating.
  • The eutectic tin spheres are best used for the CSA and BGA components.
  • The lead-free spheres have excellent fatigue resistance and are best suited for solder joint reliability. Moreover, the eutectic lead-free ones give you the highest joint reliability.


Why CAPLINQ for solder spheres?

With our combination of high-technology and productivity, CAPLINQ strives to offer you the best value for your product.

We also provide solder spheres that are packed into jars with nitrogen to help the semiconductor packaging industry. Furthermore, we do not repack them, so the jars you receive have never been opened, thus ensuring the optimum quality for it. Each jar has a clear label that specifies the diameters, quantity, alloy type, and the date of manufacture.

We also offer solder sphere tape and reel packaging that is suitable for flip chip and BGA packaging techniques. It is compatible with all existing place and picks feeders.

For more information on solder spheres, you can visit You can also contact us if you have any other queries or questions regarding the CAPLINQ’s soldering materials.

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