LINQSTAT (3M Velostat Alternative) Packaging Dimensions and Weights

This article addresses the common question of the Packaging Weights and Package Dimensions of the LINQSTAT Volume Conductive Film (VCF). This product is CAPLINQ’s equivalent product to 3M Velostat* material.

The packaging dimensions are made up of two specific components, the width of the rolls and the length of the rolls. Typically, if roll widths are longer than 36″ (91.4 cm), the width is folded on top of itself into what is know as a V-Sheet. For example, a 72″ (182.4 cm) roll is too wide to be sent as is, and so it is folded on top of itself before being rolled, giving a width of 36″ (91.4 cm). The length of the width will determine the outer circumference of the roll once added to the core roll diameter.

The packing weights are made up of 3 components:

  1. The specific gravity (SG) of the material
  2. The roll core weight and
  3. The shipping pallet weight

Specific gravity

The specific gravity of CAPLINQ’s Linqstat material is 1.08g/cc. This means that a roll that is 72″ (182.4 cm) wide by 150′ (4572 cm) long by 0.004″ (0.01016 cm) thick will have a weight of 20.3 lbs as shown below:
(182.4 cm) x (4572 cm) x (0.01016 cm) x 1.08g/cc = 9.175g = 9.2kgs (20.3 lbs).

Roll Core Weight

The Linqstat material – once prepared – is rolled onto a core so that it can be handled more easily, or mounted onto automatic equipment. This core weighs approx. 0.25 lbs/in, which translates to 9lbs for a 36″ (91.4 cm) width.

Shipping Pallet Weight

To ship the rolls, they are normally loaded onto pallets for ease of transport. These pallets each weigh approx. 35lbs.

Example for rolls of 72″ width x 0.004″ thick Linqstat

Using the information above, we can see that a roll of 72 in x 150 ft. roll will weigh is 29 lbs (13 kgs), and for a roll that is 72 in. x 750 ft. will weigh 110 lbs (50 kgs). We add to this the 35 lbs. weight of the pallet and we get the following:

  • 6 rolls of 72 in x 150 ft x 0.004 in, weighs 209 lbs and for 12 rolls, it is 383 lbs.
  • 2 rolls of 72 in x 750 ft x 0.004 in, weighs 255 lbs and for 4 rolls, it is 475 lbs.

Tables of these values are shown below.

LINQSTAT VCF: 72″ (in.) x 750′ (ft) x 0.004″ (in.) in V-Sheet

English Metric
Length 37 inches (in.) 94.0 cm
Width 10 inches (in.) 25.4 cm
Height 10 inches (in.) 25.4 cm
Gross Weight 110 lbs 50 kgs

LINQSTAT VCF: 72″ (in.) x 150′ (ft) x 0.004″ (in.) in V-Sheet

English Metric
Length 37 inches (in.) 94.0 cm
Width 6.5 inches (in.) 16.5 cm
Height 6.5 inches (in.) 16.5 cm
Gross Weight 29 lbs 13 kgs

* 3M is a registered trademark of 3M Corporation. Velostat is a trademark of 3M Corporation.
Neither is affiliated with this site.

CAPLINQ is a specialty plastics supplier offering a range of conductive materials including our broad range of electrically conductive plastics and antistatic tapes and films. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us to find out how we can help you with other electrically conductive plastics packaging dimensions and weights.

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