Velostat vs Linqstat

Velostat alternative LINQSTAT exhibits same chemical susceptibility

Questions regarding the chemical susceptibility of the LINQSTAT film have prompted us to answer them publicly. On the datasheet of the LINQSTAT VCF-Series Film, the chemical susceptibility of the product is listed. The questions that arose (and the answers below) about the Velostat alternative LINQSTAT are the following:

Questions concerning chemical susceptibility of LINQSTAT

Q1. What does it mean that the LINQSTAT VCF film is unaffected by age and humidity?

A1. This means that regardless of the humidity (up to 100% RH) and over the entire life of the product, there is no change in the volume conductivity of the black tape. This is a property of the tape itself. This means that even submerged underwater, the product maintains its conductivity.

Q2. What does it mean that there is “slow-attack” from Ketones?

A2. Ketones are chemical solvents, namely Acetone and MEK. This means that with constant contact (ie. submerged) there is a degradation of the material over time. This product is not suitable for continuous contact with acetone (ketones).

Q3. What does it mean that there is a “slow-attack” from Alkalines?

A3. An alkaline is a basic product (with pH greater than 7) and is the opposite of an acid (pH less than 7). A “weak” alkaline means the pH is not very far from 7 (ie. 7.2, 7.4) Stronger basic solutions would be higher than this from 7. With direct contact with alkalines, there is an attack of the plastic.

For many applications, such as the use as an interleaver for smartcards or for the packaging of electronics goods, neither of these points is an issue.

Visit the product page of Velostat Alternative LINQSTAT for technical datasheets, price lists and more.

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