PIT2SD to Mount Wafers for Thru-Wafer Etching

Dry etching refers to the removal of material, typically a masked pattern of semiconductor material, by exposing the material to a bombardment of ions that dislodge portions of the material from the exposed surface. Unlike with many of the wet chemical etchants used in wet etching, the dry etching process typically etches directionally or anisotropically.thru-etching-wafer-mounting-tape

PIT2SD, a 2-mil double-sided polyimide tape is often used to mount wafers on a carrier for through wafer etching and it works very well.

For more information, you can visit the product page of PIT2SD, consult our complete list of polyimide tapes, or you can compare our polyimide films and tapes. Should you have any other questions, please CAPLINQ website today to find out more, or for more information.

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