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My sales internship at Caplinq | Kim van Leeuwen

My name is Kim van Leeuwen and I am a sales intern at Caplinq Europe. I am studying Junior account management and International Vocational Studies (IVS) at Nova College. In this blog, I am going to write about my experiences and sales internship tasks at Caplinq Europe BV.

I started my sales internship on the 3rd of September. My first few weeks were used to get to know Caplinq. In those weeks my sales internship tasks were mostly the onboarding program and research of Aculon Nanoproof. The research I did on Aculon Nanoproof was as preparation for the Promotional email I wrote a follow up on the Aculon Nanoproof webinar. I had some struggles with writing the promotional email because I never did that before and I have dyslexia that doesn’t make the situation much easier. This goes for writing this blog as well. I think this is attempt number 12 of writing a blog. But for this sales intern position, I did more than just writing an email and blog, such as updating the CRM database from Aculon.

The Aculon database of Caplinq wasn’t up to date so it became one of my sales internship tasks. But all the information to make it up to date scattered around various company files and documents. So I started by finding all the information there was from the Aculon database and put it all in the CRM. After all the information was in the database, I was assigned to be the Inside Sales Administrator for Aculon. That means that I have to make sure the Database for Aculon stays up to date.

Another sales internship task I took on was writing the complaint handeling procedure. Caplinq didn’t have a complaint handeling procedure yet. So I needed to begin from the start. I did research by looking at complaint handeling procedures from other companies. I organized a meeting to show my research and to ask what Caplinq was looking for in their complaint handeling procedure. With that information, I started designing a complaint handeling procedure flow chart. When I presented the flow chart I figured out that a lot of change was needed. I changed the flow chart about 7 times before it was right. When I finished the flow chart I started writing the procedure itself. This took a shorter amount of time then I expected. It took me about one and a half month to create the whole procedure.

If someone would ask me if I would recommend Caplinq as a sales internship, I would say, “Yes,” because Caplinq gives you a lot of opportunities to learn and experience new things during your sales internship. In my case those were a few of my sales internship tasks is writing a blog, promotional email and complaint handling procedure. If that is what you are looking for, then Caplinq is the right place for you.

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