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Meet Wendy Bakker: CAPLINQ’s New Supply Chain Manager

Meet Wendy Bakker – de Koning, our Supply Chain Manager at CAPLINQ. With over 16 years of experience in event production, Wendy has honed her skills in managing logistics, customer service, and team coordination to create seamless events. Her expertise in event planning has translated well into the world of supply chain management, where she excels in managing the flow of products and information from suppliers to customers. Wendy’s attention to detail, strong organizational skills, and customer-centric approach make her a valuable asset to our team at CAPLINQ.

Wendy’s extensive background in the event and hospitality industry has provided her with a diverse skill set that has proven to be valuable in her current role as Supply Chain Manager at CAPLINQ. Her experience in event production, customer service, and logistics has allowed her to develop strong interpersonal skills, project management abilities, and a keen attention to detail, which are all essential qualities in her current role.

As an event manager, Wendy has had to oversee the planning and execution of various events, from weddings to corporate events. This required her to work closely with vendors, ensuring that all products and services were delivered on time and within budget. This experience has translated well into her role at CAPLINQ, where she now manages the supply chain, ensuring that all products are sourced, delivered, and shipped efficiently.

Wendy’s experience has provided her with a unique set of skills for her current role

In her previous roles as an account manager and events executive, Wendy was responsible for building relationships with clients, understanding their needs, and developing customized solutions to meet those needs. She is now able to utilize these skills in her role at CAPLINQ, where she works closely with customers and suppliers to ensure that all orders are fulfilled in a timely and accurate manner.

CAPLINQ is excited to welcome Wendy as our new Supply Chain Manager. Her attention to detail, problem-solving skills, and ability to manage complex logistics make her a valuable addition to our team. We look forward to seeing how Wendy’s skills and expertise will contribute to the success of our company and our clients’ projects


CAPLINQ is a modern, specialty chemicals, adhesives, and plastics supplier to manufacturers in the Semiconductor, eMobility, Power Distribution, and Renewable Energy markets.

Our main products include Epoxy Coating Powders, Conductive & Antistatic Materials, Die Attach Materials, Electronics Assembly Adhesives, Encapsulants & Underfills, Epoxy Molding Compounds, Semiconductor Mold Maintenance, Soldering Materials, Specialty Tapes & Films, Surface, Stencil & Repellency Treatments, & Thermal Interface Materials.

We also offer four primary services to help foreign companies: European Order Fulfillment, Technical Representation, Technical Marketing, and REACH Only Representation.

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