Linqstat Electrically Conductive and Antistatic Plastic Film

Linqstat Electrically Conductive & Antistatic Plastic Film

Materials such as paper, textile, and plastic contain an equal number of positive and negative charge, i.e., they are electrically balanced. Friction is known to disturb the balance causing the material to get electrically charged.

The level of charge then starts getting affected by the speed of contact, material, type, temperature, and several other factors. Once the charge starts getting affected, it exerts a force on the nearby objects and the issues caused are dust clinging to products, products clinging to rollers, and materials curling, tearing, and jamming.

The static charge keeps on building in these materials and causes the undesired instances.
But, the antistatic plastic films provide a decay of charge, from hundreds to several seconds that preventing the accumulations of charge. And, the conductive films deliver a surface resistivity of 101 to 106 ohm per square.

CAPLINQ takes proud in offering its Linqstat branded electrical and antistatic plastic film. Linqstat VCF, MVCF, and XVCF series plastic sheets are black, carbon, and volume conductive polyethylene film that is designed to offer static and physical protection in numerous devices.

The film is flexible, heat-sealable, and also offers incredible abrasion resistance.

  • The VCF antistatic plastic film series has a surface resistance of <20,000 ohm-cm. With its grounding nature, it offers medium level static protection and is useful in the applications where our main aim is to balance both cost v/s performance. This series is unaffected by humidity and gives good thermal stability as well chemical resistance. It has a standard thickness range from 65μm to 200μm and is available in sheet, tubes, V fold, and C fold version.
  • The MVCF series has a surface resistance of <50,000 ohm-cm. Being surface conductive, it is useful for applications that have a large surface and expect the large pressure applications. It provides anti-static protection to the electronic components and also meets the military specification MIL-P-82646A. As an antistatic plastic film, you can also use it as an antistatic inter leaver for smart card applications.
  • The XVCF series is similar to our standard VCF series, but with the higher conductive carbon and a denser polymer mix. The high carbon content gives us lower resistance as well as higher conductivity.

We also offer grades of XVCF series films including XVCF-BTS Series and XVCF-ALS Series. The BTS series gives us lower resistance and higher conductivity. And the ALS series is the most conductive till now!

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