Linqstat Electrically Conductive and Antistatic Plastic Film

CAPLINQ’s Range Of Electrically Conductive Plastic Films

There are various materials such as textile, paper, and plastic that contain equal number of charges. This level of charge only gets affected by the other type of materials coming in contact with it, temperature, and various other factors. Once the charge is affected, static charge starts to build that causes the unwanted instances. CAPLINQ offers a range of carbon loaded polyethylene (PE) based LINQSTAT-branded electrically conductive and antistatic plastic film.

Antistatic plastics typically have a surface resistance less than 100,000 ohms-per-square. While the electrically conductive plastic films offers surface resistivity less than 200,000 ohm-per-square and can go as low as 200 ohms-per-square. Our electrically conductive plastic film consists of VCF, MVCF, and XVCF series. This series is a carbon-filled black volume conductive polyethylene film that is designed to offer both static and physical protection in numerous applications.

These films along with their conductivity remain unaffected by age and humidity. Moreover, it is flexible, heat-sealable, and offers incredible abrasion resistance. It also gives good thermal ability, has an outstanding chemical resistance, and has a standard thickness range of 65-200 micron.

The different grade of materials allows users to get a wide range of possible applications. Applications of Electrically Conductive Plastic Films The most common application of the conductive polyethylene is that can be used as a pressure sensor. Linqstat MVCF Film: The MVCF series comes with a surface resistance of <50,000 ohm-cm. Being surface conductive, it is used as a weak pressure sensor that makes it useful for applications with large surface areas.

Linqstat XVCF Electrically Conductive Plastic Film

Linqstat XVCF Film: The XVCF series has a surface resistance of <20,000 ohm-cm. With the denser polymer mix and highly conductive carbon, these films are used for more sensitive pressure sensor applications.

Furthermore, the other Linqstat polyethylene and polyimide films can also be used as an antistatic packaging plastic and interleaver for smartcard applications. Also, the antistatic properties of electrically conductive plastic makes them well-suited for RF and EMI shielding.

A special application of polyimide films with conductive layer of aluminum is in multilayer insulation blankets of space and aircrafts.

Furthermore, next to this range, we also offer a selection of polyimide films and tapes that are covered with antistatic and conductive layers.

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