Consignment Sales in Europe: Serving European customers from home.

Usually, when foreign suppliers are just starting out selling into Europe, they will only ship what the customer has ordered, and nothing more. This results in sending a new shipment of every European order and wastes a lot of time and money.

With Consignment sales in Europe, you could ship most of the order to your customer and keep a little bit more on stock for the next customer who might order it, saving money and time.

supply chain warehouse in Europe

There are lots of advantages using consignment sales in Europe, like:

  • Introduces your products into new sales channels
  • Reduced inventory holding costs
  • You can offer faster delivery to your clients
  • Restock as it sells

CAPLINQ allows foreign suppliers to do consignment sales in Europe. As such, the foreign supplier retains legal ownership of the products until they are sold to their customers.

By definition, in consignment sales, the foreign supplier owns the goods until they are sold to a customer.

As such, the foreign supplier is both the seller (to the European customer) and the consignor. CAPLINQ becomes the consignee and the European customer is the buyer. CAPLINQ offers European consignment sales through our order fulfillment service.

Consignment sales in Europe mean reduced duty and taxes on import

As the goods are on consignment, the foreign supplier is the legal owner of the goods when they enter Europe. As such the company is allowed to import goods into Europe against the cost of goods sold instead of the sales price, which can be significant on duty charges and tariff fees.

You don’t want to pay import and duty charges on goods into Europe unless you’re sure that you’ll be able to sell them to your European customers.

With CAPLINQ’s consignment sales in Europe, you have up to 12 months to sell your products before you decide if you want to import them.

CAPLINQ’s order fulfillment service makes consignment sales possible

Using CAPLINQ’s order fulfillment service, you really can service your customers from anywhere in the world. By keeping your stock on consignment in Europe, your company will be able to finally break into the European market.

Please visit us at to learn more about our consignment sales in Europe and order fulfillment services. If you have any other questions about Consignment Sales in Europe and how CAPLINQ can help you to bring your business to the European Union, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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