Brexit: REACH Substance Registration transfer from UK manufacturer/importer to EU Only Representative

The “leave date” of the UK has been pushed out until 12 April 2019. If you are a manufacturer or formulator in the UK, you are advised to transfer your substance registrations to a European Only Representative if you still want to be able to use these European registrations after 12 April, 2019.

ECHA has announced that the possibility for the transfer stays open until 12 April 2019. Nevertheless, they advise preparing all the transfers as soon as possible. ECHA has reported that 3000 registrations have been moved from the UK to an EU-based legal entity so far. We are sure there will be many more before the April 12th deadline.

CAPLINQ Europe BV, located just outside Amsterdam in the Netherlands, is an EU Only Representative for a large group of Non-EU manufacturers/formulators. As well, we are a full member of ORO (Only Representatives Organisation) meaning that we not only have the latest information on both REACH and Brexit’s effect on UK manufacturers, but also that we are part of the most powerful European lobby organisation for influencing ECHA decisions.

We can assist you in transferring your registrations in just a few days.  The costs for this work are made up of a one-time administrative fee invoiced by ECHA, a one-time setup fee charged by CAPLINQ and a yearly REACH Only Representation fee.

Here are two examples based on a single and 4-substance registration transfer:
1 substance transfer
– One-time setup fee: EUR 499/substance
– Yearly Only Representation fee: EUR 975

4 substance transfer
– One-time setup fee: EUR 249/substance
– Yearly Only Representation fee: EUR 3.635

If you would like to learn more about Caplinq’s REACH services, would like to learn about Caplinq’s REACH OR service, or have any questions on how Brexit will affect your UK substance registrations in Europe, please contact us at

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