You want that price in U$D or €uro?

These days, the answer to that question is pretty easy. With the sinking of the US dollar and the strength of the Euro, businesses all over the world are scrambling to do business with American companies. The downside for European companies trying to get in on the action is that shipping costs from the USA generally negate any adding savings of buying in US dollars.

Buy in Europe, Pay in US Dollars

For American companies, who are used to paying in US Dollars, the service CAPLINQ offers isn’t particularly valuable. For European customers however, this is a real windfall. These customers can now negotiate and buy consumable materials for use in Europe and pay in USD – truly the best of both worlds.

How can CAPLINQ do this?

CAPLINQ is not a publicly traded company with shareholders needing to be pleased. We control our own costs and negotiate ourselves as much as we can in US Dollars so that we don’t speculate on currency fluctuations. Sure, we have costs in Euros, but not nearly as much fixed overhead as the big guys and because we have locations on both sides of the Atlantic and can shift resources to best utilize our US Dollar prices.

How else can CAPLINQ offer such low prices?

One of the most obvious ways we control costs is through our marketing and sales budgets.We do have sales people that travel to customer sites when necessary, the operative word here being necessary. Our customers work smarter today than at any other time in history; surfing the web, reading blogs, participating in forums and chatting live with potential suppliers.

CAPLINQ embraces this and uses it to reduce costs. We post blogs that customers read instead mailing newsletters that collect in a pile. We provide live updates and news on our products instead of 10,000 copies of a catalog that sits on customers’ shelves. We have live chat boxes so customers get timely answers to their questions, and we add more and more data to our product pages as questions are asked and answers provided.

We strive to put price tags on as many products as we can, so you can comparative shop and come back to us. If you do find prices better than ours, let us know and we’ll try to beat them.


CAPLINQ is a specialty chemicals, plastics and products company that specializes in making foreign companies compete on a level playing field with European suppliers. With more than 300MT yearly of chemicals and plastics coming through Rotterdam in the Netherlands and a staff of engineers and technical representatives, CAPLINQ is a modern-day market partner. Using digital-age tools and the same legal techniques multinationals use, we create a European presence for foreign companies without them requiring to set up a European entity. We do this with four primary services: our order fulfillment Europe service, our technical representation service, our technical marketing service and our REACH Only Representative service. For more information visit us or contact us for more details.

About Chris Perabo

Chris is an energetic and enthusiastic engineer and entrepreneur. He is always interested in taking highly technical subjects and distilling these to their essence so that even the layman can understand. He loves to get into the technical details of an issue and then understand how it can be useful for specific customers and applications. Chris is currently the Director of Business Development at CAPLINQ.

1 thoughts on “You want that price in U$D or €uro?

  1. You MUST open a branch/find a reseller in Brazil! I believe there is a huge market there for Caplinq, just wating. Plus, Nokia and other firms have factories there. 3M is queen there, without real competition. If you need free portuguese translation of your webpage, just let me know. By the way, Linqstat VCF will become a valuable commodity in the near future since 3M is considering discontinuing Velostat. More to come. Thank you.

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