UL Certification for LINQTAPE Polyimide Tapes

Customers often ask us if our polyimide kapton tapes (among others) are UL certified. Of particular interest to customers is whether CAPLINQ’s line of LINQTAPE polyimide tapes have the UL-94 V0 classification. Because of the high temperature application of these polyimide tapes, the request is not surprising.

What customers do not always realize though is that UL classification must be tested for every unique film backing, thickness and adhesive combination, and the cost for any single combination is approx. $1000 + cost of material + delivery charges. It is difficult to justify the expense for the certification for each product without a significant customer request.

CAPLINQ does, however, work with an independent testing facility who can carry out this the UL Certification, but then CAPLINQ normally requests either a commitment for a certain order quantity (ie. 100 rolls), or that the customer pay for the testing. In order to share the burden of testing, we offer to pay for all the material, administration and shipping charges if the customer pays $1000 toward the testing.

For more information of UL classification or polyimide tapes, visit us or contact us for more details.

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