Starch Transport Africa to Destination Port

Transport from the center of an African country to the port of destination is no trivial task. Fortunately for CAPLINQ, Gabon is a country with many natural resources, so some level of infrastructure has already been established. This is of significant importance to the Food-Grade Native Tapioca Starch project in Gabon, Africa since construction of this infrastructure from scratch would make this project cost prohibitive.

CAPLINQ and ANK Gabon have partnered with an existing private Manganese-extraction company that has already expanded the existing railway system from the center of Gabon to the port where the goods are loaded on the cargo ships.

Summarizing the travel route, the cassava roots are extracted in the field in Lekoni, Gabon. They are transported with tractors to the factory that is centrally located within 15 kilometers of the fields where the roots are transformed into food-grade tapioca starch. From here, the native starch is loaded into conatiners and brought by truck to Franceville where they are loaded onto train cars. The train covers the largest distance, moving the goods right to the port in Libreville where they are then loaded on the cargo ships and shipped to the customers’ destination port.

By clicking on the image below, you will see the detailed travel route used to extract the native food-grade tapioca starch from Lekoni, Gabon to the port in Libreville.

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