Solder Sphere Diameter and Spheroid Tolerance

In the article “How is a high quality solder sphere made?”, we highlighted that one of the characteristics of high quality solder spheres are that they have uniform diameters and tight diameter tolerances and tight spheroid tolerances. In this article, we will explain why it is important to have such a tight solder ball diameter and spheroid tolerance.

Solder Ball Diameter & Spheroid Tolerance

The smaller the solder spheres, the more important it is to get the tolerance of both the diameter and sphericity (measure of how round or spherical the ball is) under control.

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Diameter Diameter Tolerance Spheroid Tolerance Remarks
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Control and Measure Solder Ball Diameter and Spheroid Tolerance
0.075mm – 0.15mm
(3-6 mil)
±0.005 mm
(±0.2 mil)
1.5% Truly Tight Tolerances: We take one lot of solder spheres and divides it into 4 smaller lots. Each lot is then checked with advanced visual inspection systems. If even 1 ball is out of spec, the entire batch is scrapped and reworked!
0.20mm – 0.6mm
(8-24 mil)
±0.010 mm
(±0.4 mil)
0.65mm – 0.76mm
(25-30 mil)
±0.015 mm
(±0.6 mil)

CAPLINQ supplies a range of solder spheres including Tin/Lead (Sn63Pb37) Solder Spheres or our Leadfree (Pb-free) Solder Spheres including SAC105, SAC125N, SAC305, SAC387, SAC396 or SAC405 and 4N Pure Tin Sn100 Solder Spheres.

We also now offer Bi58Sn42 Eutectic Leadfree Solder Spheres and Bi57Sn42Ag1 Near-Eutectic Leadfree Solder Spheres. You can also contact us if you have further questions on buying solder balls.

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