Low cost electrically conductive plastic LINQSTAT

CAPLINQ has finally acheived economies of scale and can now offer its customers super low prices on its LINQSTAT volume conductive film – making it the highest qaulity supplier of low coast electrically conductive plastic. Just this week, CAPLINQ added two new products to its “stock items”, VCF-40036S/2 and VCF-80036S/2. These two products are 4mil and 8mil thick respectively, and are both 36″ wide and 150′ long.

***UPDATE 2016***
Since originally writing this article in 2008, CAPLINQ has grown to be one of the world’s largest producers of low cost electrically conductive plastic. By using well-known, low-cost practices and methods, CAPLINQ is able to maintain a very high level of quality, while keeping prices very low. Furthermore, due to increased demand, CAPLINQ has expanded its electrically conductive plastic range, offering even high conductivity. We are continuing even today to push the envelope on conductivity and expect to reach the 1ohm-cm target for resistivity that customers have been asking for.

LINQSTAT™ VCF-Series is a 3M Velostat alternative. This alternative to Velostat material is a black, carbon-filled, volume-conductive polyethylene film commonly used as a static control material in numerous semiconductor, electronics and Smartcard applications due to its easy-grounding nature. Examples of these applications include electrically conductive bags of protective sleeves for static-sensitive components, grounding mats or as interleavers between rolls of Smartcard (chipcard) modules.

Low cost electrically conductive plastic in standard thickness and length

LINQSTAT has a standard thickness range from 50 micron to 200 micron (0.002” to 0.008”) and is available in sheeting, tubing and V-fold versions. Roll lengths and widths vary depending on thickness and application. Other variations may be available.

  • LINQSTAT Volume Conductive Bags
  • LINQSTAT Volume Conductive Tubing

CAPLINQ is a specialty plastics supplier offering a range of conductive materials including our broad range of electrically conductive plastics and antistatic tapes and films. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us to find out how we can help you with your polymer based battery design.

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  1. hei i want to use linqstat to my thesis , can 1 buy it in roll ? how long is 1 roll? can i choose the length?

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