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Advantages of LSC Series Liquid Silicone Junction Coating Resins

Silicones, which occupy a hybrid position between inorganic and organic compounds, are the most widely used junction coating resins for electronic and optical devices. They are known to offer excellent heat resistance, weatherability, water repellency and dielectric properties which ensures that the end product is robust and in proper working condition.

CAPLINQ offers high purity liquid silicone resins for application in junction coatings. LinqSil LSC 100 and LinqSil LSC 200 are two highly reliable junction coating resins offered by CAPLINQ. Their typical applications include conformal coatings to provide mechanical and electrical insulation prior to plastic molding. These liquid silicones are designed for passivation coating of transistor, diode and rectifier junctions. Read on to find out more about the brilliant features of CAPLINQ’s liquid silicone junction coating resins.

Ultra-High Purity

CAPLINQ’s liquid silicone junction coatings are high purity, 100% solids, siloxane systems designed for semiconductor junction coatings. LinqSil LSC100 is a one-part silicone system with heat curing properties, whereas LinqSil LSC200 is a two-part silicone system. Both these liquid silicone junction coating resins go through a demanding production procedure and fulfill rigid quality control requirements to guarantee ionic purity levels of maximum 1 ppm.

High Thermal Stability

Silicone is inherently non-reactive, stable, and resistant to extreme environments and temperatures ranging from -55 °C to +300 °C while still maintaining its useful properties. CAPLINQ’s liquid silicone junction coating resins also boast of high thermal stability, which gives them the ability to protect electrical devices from the extremes of heat shock, solder dip and other situations.

High Electrical Stability

CAPLINQ’s LSC series resins are a combination of basic organo-siloxane bonding and also feature extremely low content of ionic impurities, which allows them to maintain electrical stability even at high and low temperature extremes. Therefore, electronic and optical devices using our liquid silicone junction coating resins are more reliable and operate safely even in a wide variety of conditions and temperatures.

High Mechanical Stability

LinqSil LSC200 liquid silicone junction coating resins feature high mechanical stability. These are especially designed to minimize junction surface leakage and stabilize peak inverse voltage, prevent electrical breakdown and protect against environmental factors for high performance.

Excellent Adhesive Strength

LinqSil 100 and LiqSil 200 both provide excellent adhesive strength that adds to the durability, safety and reliability of the electronic devices.

Please visit to learn more about LinqSil LSC100 or LinqSil LSC200 liquid silicone junction coating resins or contact us directly to find out more about all of CAPLINQ’s liquid encapsulants and junction coating resin applications.

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