5-mil polyimide as dielectric for DBD plasma actuators

In tests carried out by both the University of Kentucky and Princeton University, Dielectric Barrier Discharge (DBD) Plasma Actuators have been used as an effective active flow control device.

CAPLINQ has sampled and qualified PIT5S, a 5-mil polyimide tape with Silicone adhesive as the dielectric of choice for DBD Plasma Actuators. Tests confirm that the handling is much easier and the performance difference is negligible. Users achieve higher dielectric strength with the same thickness and therefore higher voltages with their system and the induced walljet is of the same value.

In the University of Kentucky experiment they describe flow control using plasma actuators and if you click on the figure to the right, you can see the insulator described.

In the Princeton Experiment, described as Optimization of Dielectric Barrier Discharge Plasma Actuators Driven By Repetitive Nanosecond Pulses, the abstract is described as follows.
“A detailed physical model for an asymmetric dielectric barrier discharge (DBD) in air driven by repetitive nanosecond voltage pulses is developed. In particular, modeling of DBD with high voltage repetitive negative and positive nanosecond pulses combined with positive dc bias is carried out. Operation at high voltage is compared with operation at low voltage, highlighting the advantage of high voltages, however the effect of backward-directed breakdown in the case of negative pulses results in a decrease of the integral momentum transferred to the gas. The use of positive repetitive pulses with dc bias is demonstrated to be promising for DBD performance improvement. The effects of the voltage waveform not only on force magnitude, but also on the spatial profile of the force, are shown. The crucial role of background photoionization in numerical modeling of ionization waves (streamers) in DBD plasmas is demonstrated.”

The photo showing the insulator is shown on the left. In both cases, CAPLINQ recommends PIT5S, a 5-mil polyimide tape with Silicone adhesive as the dielectric of choice for DBD Plasma Actuators.

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  1. Hello Chris, thank you for your post about DBD plasma. Appreciate if you share some info about Power supply you used is it DC/DC how high Voltage level and typical power consumption. Or do you use AC with RF ? I plan make my own device 🙂 So any advice are much welcome.
    Thank you in advance, Vadim Tsoi

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